We can advise you and arrange for you:

  • Inheritances.
  • Successions.
  • Donations.
  • Taxes related to the same.
  • If you wish to sell a property or have bought it, we will advise you and process the corresponding taxes, whether local or regional, as well as any other type of taxation to which they are subject, as well as the fiscal and local capital gains tax if applicable.


We will help you and take care of such formalities as:

  • Registration of vehicles, whether ordinary, historical, tourist, re-registration, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Changes of ownership, notifications of sale, deliveries for sale and purchase…
  • Discharges, definitive or temporary, discharges in case of temporary sick leave, etc.
  • Duplicates, driving licences, driving licences…
  • Reports, either by number plate or by chassis, for a prosecution, a court, an insurance company, an MOT, etc.
  • Claims for fines, penalties, etc.
  • Change of registered office
  • Appointment and modification of directors